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Education Consultancy Training
Drug and Alcohol Education Services (DAES) provides training and awareness programmes for individual, groups and organisations wishing to understand and respond effectively to drug and alcohol related problems.
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Develop Your Knowledge and Skills With Us.

  • Education

    Bespoke and targeted drug education programmes developed to meet the specific needs of both young people and adults in a wide range of settings

  • Training
    Training and awareness programmes for individuals, groups and organisations wishing to understand and respond effectively to drug and alcohol related concerns

  • Consultancy
    A high quality and cost effective consultancy service; we match our experienced and qualified associates to each project.

Who we work with?
We work with a wide range of clients in the Voluntary and Statutory Community and Health sectors.  We also provide specialist advice and bespoke interventions within the private sector, from the construction industry to transport services.

How do we work?
Across our three areas of expertise, we take a systematic and quality approach to the management of our contracts with clients.  From your initial enquiry we will:

  • Respond within 3 working days with an initial consultation date
  • Agree and provide written timescales for work provided
  • Clearly lay out pricing agreements with no hidden costs
  • Provide a local and national service.  We can come to you or you can come to us!
  • Evaluate all work completed

Why choose us?
Drug and Alcohol Education Services are able to support and equip you to provide the best possible solutions and services for your target audience.

Our business is to deliver:

  • Flexibility in the design of programmes
  • Accurate, up to date and informative  teaching and learning
  • Professional knowledge and expertise on Drugs, Alcohol and Treatment Interventions
  • Timely and efficient response to all requests

Our Commitment
We take a strategic approach to the work that we do and your business is important to us.
We consider that our work is completed when you are satisfied and we have fulfilled our promise to you
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